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Best Surveillance Security Solution 24/7

Best Affordable Security System Packages with Installation!

Affordable Super Fast Network Security Camera System packages (Include installation, high resolution cameras, 19” LCD monitor and a DVR. Prices depend on choice of cameras, monitor’s types and sizes and the coverage area of locations)

One of the best monitoring options round the clock with continues and/or motion triggered recording for days or even months!


Watch your home or office remotely from anywhere in the world via the internet!

Keep an eye on the cash register, safe or anything else at your office, shop or restaurant!

Increase productivity at your business locations!

Playback to see what happened last night or night before or even 15 or 30 or more days ago

Scare shoplifters and robbers off your property!

Small investment can save lots of money protecting from frauds and lawsuits.

Lower insurance cost of your assets and liabilities!

Why wait, start protecting yourself and your assets with a small investment right now!


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The description and the pictures of the items on this website came from unixcctv wholesale website and their manual.